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Synergy Range

Introduce sleek curves combined with rounded designs to your bathroom to give it a modern and fresh look. The bathroom glass panes are framed to introduce a distinct visual contrast that enhances the elegance of range.

The name of this range is quite appropriate as you can add this range to your existing bathroom, either as standalone elements (such as the toilet, basin or draws) or more and make your bathroom a synergy bathroom. 

With these advantages, the synergy range will resonate with your home and will give your bathroom a distinct look that everyone can appreciate.

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A contemporary bathroom style that fits modern and traditional bathrooms. Acrylic bathrooms are open-ended which allows you to add your style to the bathroom without the Acrylic elements stealing focus from what makes your bathroom unique.

Alpha San Marlo

Alpha San Marlo bathrooms involve a lot of straight edges and rounded corners to show a distinctive look. A take on some contemporary styles, the straight edges provide sharper than other designs. The flat bottoms of the toilet and bathtub show the stability of the design and use is different styles of bathrooms.


Argon bathrooms are best to show contrast. The contrast between the traditional and the modern. Large study bases of the toilet and sink representing traditional and sturdy bathrooms that we all know and love. While the minimalist framed walk-in shower, flat design of the shelving units and base-lighting take inspiration from more modern trends keeping your bathroom stylish. Splash in a little bit of colour to enhance the contrast.

Classic Legend

Classic Legend style is aptly named. When you picture a traditionally classic bathroom, what you imagine is the Classic Legend. The iconic style of squared bases and corners shows the strength of this bathroom. Pair this bathroom with oak boarding to create the traditional classic bathroom.


The Destiny Bathroom has few elements but uses them to great effect. The sink and storage combination maximizes the space available to it. The rounded corners provide an element of playfulness to the design. Stick to one main colour when adding your style to ensure the elegance of this design.


Eclipse has a unique design. This design focuses less on straight lines and instead uses curves heavily. This provides a distinct look over other contemporary styles. Eclipse's wide base not only provides a distinct look but is very practical for storage.


Elation combines the traditional and the modern. It is a fusion of the aesthetical and the practical. Having both style and substance, Elation is suitable in any home. No matter your goal, Elation will provide the look and the capability you require.


Ellio focuses more on traditional styles and values. Its bases are thick and use a lot of straight lines supporting the top. The bathtub has distinctive legs that support it. These legs provide a sense of majesty like ornate stonework on buildings. 


Flero uses a lot of unique angles and curves to stand out from the more contemporary designs. This unique take provides a refreshing take on the standard designs you can get.  

Galaxia P

Galaxia is a contemporary type of bathroom that leans heavily on your style. Its bathtub, toilet, and sink all have the rounded corners and straight lines that we are accustomed to. Galaxias strength comes from the individuality that comes from what you use to customize the bathroom, resulting in a style of Galaxia that is unique to you.


Granada has rounded corners, straight lines, and thin bases. This style is ideal for smaller types of bathrooms as the thin bases maximize foot space around the units. The use of the walls for holders provides a distinct visual flair that this loves to use.


The Jacob style of bathroom places its focus on minimizing the impact of its design. This leaves more room for your style. Allowing for a bathroom that focuses more on your tastes. Alternatively, if you don't have much bathroom real estate, the Jacob style bathroom ensures that you can fit as much as you want in without it being too much.


Sharp edges, strong straight lines, and an indented base show Kilmoys potential as a minimalist design with a modern backdrop. Use a central colour to emphasise the bathtub, a solid non-linear colour transforms the style to a modern look that fits in any type of bathroom.


Modern, stylish and practical. This is what describes the Linea bathroom the best. Providing an emphasis on comfort and elegance. Its deep bathtub allowing you to sink away to relaxation while the draws and sink provide plenty of space for your utilities.


Libson is a classically elegant style of bathroom. It is ideal for a bathroom that has a unique flavour. It won't draw attention away from it but will instead complement it. Its lack of size ensures that it fits in most bathrooms.


Some people believe that there isn't much that you can do with a smaller bathroom. We disagree with that! Bathroom styles like Lyon have much to offer small bathrooms. Its unique blend of contemporary and functionality ensures that it uses as little space as needed. Its minor touches such as the thin base that gives you more room for utility objects below such as a bin or storage. This is why Lyon is a great choice for smaller bathrooms. 


Similar to the Lyon Bathroom, Marbella stands apart for its small space usage. Focusing more on traditional over contemporary design, Marbella uses straight lines and block visuals to create a foundation which you can customise to your liking.


Mariana manages to be sleek and stylish. Its contemporary style and rounded edges let you know that this bathroom is ready, ready for the unique touches. Include a mirrored cabinet with lights or footer lights to keep to the stylishness of the Mariana bathrooms. 


The Options bathroom gives you exactly that, Options! This means it is perfect for any style of Bathroom and for any size of Bathroom. Its uniform design enhances your style without stealing focus. This bathroom style is perfect for those who like a change of style every now and then.


Modern and sleek. That is what makes a Ruben bathroom. Uncompromising on its vision of what a bathroom needs. Ruben is able to work with many different styles enabling a unique look for each person but with the elements that make a bathroom modern.


The Sorea bathroom focuses on space. There are more vertical lines with slightly elongated curves giving it a more pronounced and regal look. The classic beauty that it brings can suit any type of bathroom. It is most effective in smaller bathrooms due to the lack of space need to show the Sorea bathroom off.


The Sparkle bathroom uses a blend of the contemporary with unique curves. This allows the Sparkle bathroom to have access to lots of storage. The highlighting feature of the Sparkle bathroom is the worksurfaces. Its dark smooth finish shows a high quality of bathroom.


Minimalist and framed are what the Square bathroom is about. The standout feature is the beautifully crafted frame around the shower that grabs the user's attention bringing a sense of tradition to the bathroom. The contrast of the toilet and the drawers brings a high-quality finish to this remarkable bathroom.


Nano is the definition of modern. Bright colours, different shapes, and functionality. These are the core pillars of the Nano bathroom. With a uniquely shaped bathtub and the colourful elements, the Nano bathroom will stand out against any other bathroom. Nano is to impress and Nano wants to impress you. 


Tidy is its name, and Tidy is its goal! The use of thin bases with long straight lines provides a uniform look to the bathroom. When you look at the Tidy bathroom, you feel as if everything has its place. Ideal for smaller bathrooms that need to make the most use of the space available. 


Tilly introduces gorgeous curves to the bathroom. Its smooth finish brings elegance to the Tilly bathroom. The toilet removes the standard lines and corners that most bathrooms have and maximizes the use of its curves. The end result is a high-quality product that would enhance any bathroom.


Straight lines and storage, this is what Verona wants and this is what Verona does. If there is space available, Verona can transform that in a useful storage area. Perfect to declutter those bathrooms that have bits and bobs all over the place.


York focuses on the traditional. Bold lines, square bottoms, and a traditional feel. The free-standing bathtub also leans heavily into the traditional. The regal legs produce a feeling of sturdiness and agelessness. This classic style is ideal for those that have the bathroom real estate.

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